Whisky Tasting Box
Whisky Tasting Box
Whisky Tasting Box
Whisky Tasting Box

Whisky Tasting Box

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 Amber Glasses products are hand-made and are only Pre-Order!

We are introducing our next unique product for all the of „water of life” aficionados. It’s an absolute Must-have for every collector. The Amber Tasting Box is a great choice for those who wishing to taste their favourite alcohol in our two standard glasses with a cover. From now on you don’t need to choose !. This set is fully customisable - you can choose between any of the four available models. All of course packed in attractive, modern and satin case.

Basic dimensions:
- Capacity: 10 cl & 13 cl
- High: 171 mm & 173 mm (tolerance +/-2%)
- Diameter: 58 mm & 58 mm (tolerance +/-2%)

Key points:
• Pair of mouth - blown, soda - boron glasses and the covers
• Uniquedesign
• Increasesaromaticnotes
• „All in one” glasses type
• The possibility of multiple configurations (G100 & G201 etc.)
• Perfect gift for every whisky collectors
• Special technical filling - guarantee 100% safety during shipping
• Modern design, elegance & extra satin box